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Optimal Wellness Family Chiropractic was founded on the idea that the body is an amazing creation and has the ability to function properly.  The birth process, stumbles and falls as a young child, riding a bike, sporting activities, stress, poor posture, and repetitive movements can all cause subluxations in the spine which prevent the nervous system from functioning properly.  Overtime if these subluxations are not addressed we can see degeneration and pain as adults.  Nerves are everywhere throughout your body, and symptoms from interference can show up anywhere at anytime!

Our goal at Optimal Wellness Family Chiropractic is to provide the best in chiropractic and massage therapy care for all ages, with focus on pregnancy and pediatrics. Our staff of certified professionals will help you improve your overall health and wellness in both your professional and personal lives.

Dr. Kendra Ahrens, Dr. Natalie Lawrin, Dr. Megan Bauer, & Dr. Trish Bassett
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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I would highly recommend them to anyone in the Detroit area. Dr. Kendra got me through a very difficult and painful pregnancy. The staff is kind, considerate, and friendly every single time I’m there, as well. Thanks for being so awesome!!!"
    Nicole C.
  • "Was a little nervous about my first chiropractic visit, but Dr. Natalie made me feel at ease. She explained everything so that I knew what to expect and made me feel comfortable. Can't wait for my next visit!"
    Tifani V.

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