For a few years, I came here for massages. I had great experience with these, finding I had therapeutic results but it also felt great! I came here last spring for chiropractic help as well, and have been having great results, finding not just adjustments but help understanding how to approach day-to-day help in improving my posture.
-Barbara J.

Awesome professionals! Always feel better after a visit.
-Reginald P.

they are all the best been going here for over 6 years. kendra is the best.I have very bad neck pain and she keeps me feeling GREAT and keeps me off the operating table.
-Jeff K.

All of the chiropractors here are very knowledgeable. I started seeing them during my second pregnancy and it made a world of difference is staying “comfortable” until 42 weeks. I also have my daughters get adjusted at least once a month. Dr Kendra was the first medical professional my daughter saw after birth. She immediately relaxed and smiled. My four year old LOVES getting adjusted and it helps us get over our colds quickly.
-Dani W.

I’ve been going there for over a year now and I love them. I just went due to my neck going out and I’m feeling so much better. I highly recommend them.
-Lisa O.

Great people, very nice and welcoming! I recommend this place to anyone looking for adjustments and massages! They make you feel welcome and listen to what you have to say that’s bothering you with your body and they work on those areas to correct your problem!
-Joe S.